10 health hacks you need to know in 2024

Taking care of yourself and being aware about the decisions that you’re making to improve your own wellbeing and put yourself first is big 2024 energy. Of course it’s not all about physical health either, your mental health is important too. Without further ado, here are ten health hacks to get you through 2024.


1. Ditch the alcohol

It’s no secret that drinking isn’t the healthiest activity out there. Taking just a few weeks to abstain from drinking alcohol can help you see a difference – and why would we need to drink alcohol now anyway (you clearly haven’t tried our Blurred Vines collection). Relying on alcohol for socialisation is no reason to compromise on your joy in life. Trying to be healthier in 2024? Ditch the drinking.

2. Practise mindfulness


Be more aware of yourself. Turn your attention to yourself and really feel how you’re feeling instead of just constantly moving. Taking the time to think about things deeply is invaluable to improve your mental health and recognise physical ailments that you might not have spotted otherwise.

3. Drink more water

Drinking more water has lots of health benefits. From better skin to better mental health, water isn’t just necessary for our survival, it’s necessary for us to thrive too. Drinking water can be boring, so we’ve made some tips and tricks to get you staying well hydrated and not bored. 

4. Start cooking again


Cooking is great for your mental health – and physically too. Knowing what you’re putting into your body is key if you’re looking to improve your overall health, so get all those greens! The best part about cooking is that it’s relaxing, you can take your time and really enjoy every step of the process. Don’t forget to treat yourself to eating out every now and then too.

5. Take up yoga


Regularly, we’re watching you. Lots of people make it their New Year’s resolution to start exercising and yoga is an easy and adaptable way to do that. Mix yoga and meditation to take care of your body and mind and always make sure that you’re not doing anything too strenuous too quickly, moving too fast won’t produce faster results.

6. Get good sleep

An obvious health hack – sleep more! Getting to know your natural circadian rhythms and how they change with the seasons is an important part of understanding your health needs. If you’re looking for some good sleep hacks then look no further! Remember: most sleep should last seven to nine hours, more than ten is considered pretty dangerous, so make sure you’re not oversleeping too.

7. Stand and work

Instead of putting strain on your back by sitting at your desk all day, get an adaptable one that allows you to work standing up comfortably for at least half the day. Chronic back pain is no fun in 2024, so take care of yourself and get to standing.

8. Buy a new pillow

The National Sleep Foundation recommends that you change your pillow every two years to make sure you’re not inhaling any of the 16 species of fungal spores that can live on and in your pillow. Don’t just change your pillow though, remember to clean your sheets and change up your duvet too. It won’t just make you feel better, it’s important for your health.

9. Be a little naughtier

Sex is good for you. If you’re in a need of a few endorphins or an improvement in your mental health, getting into the sheets is an easy way of getting your all round health looking up. We might not all have partners, but having some alone time never hurt anyone 😉 

10. Impose a phone ban (on yourself)

Take a few days away from the Internet! Go and have a long walk or read a book. It doesn’t matter how long you manage to spend without your phone – from a couple of hours to forever – leaving the fast-paced world behind you for a while is healthy. 

There you have it, ten (somewhat) easy ways to hack your way to health in 2024. If you’re feeling the January blues, have a look at some of our natural mood remedies. Of course, there are many other things that you can do for your health – and we encourage you to try new things. Try therapy for the first time or reconnect with your local nature, but don’t delay, taking your own health into your hands is the only way to get through 2024.

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