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  • Blurred Vines - Sharp
  • Blurred Vines - Sharp
  • Blurred Vines - Sharp

Blurred Vines - Sharp

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  • Overview
  • How it feels
  • How it tastes
  • Created by winemakers + plant scientists for new rituals beyond alcohol, Blurred Vines are our alt wines. Using functional ingredients, ethically sourced plants, and innovative fermentation methods, we created drinks for celebration.

  • Sharpen up and feel on point. Refreshing and replenishing body and mind with electrolytes, amino acids and vitamin D for that invigorating dose of liquid sunshine.

  • Crisp and elegant with racy acidity, soft tannins, and steely minerality. Cold brewed herbs leave a verdant, citrus note to finish.

Nutritional info + ingredients
  • Non-alcoholic
  • Low-sugar + low-cal
  • Vegan + gluten free
  • No artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners
  • Ethically sourced + regenerative farming

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The first of its kind

  • Mood Making

    Full of high-grade active plants, adaptogens and nootropics so you can choose your mood and moment.

  • Created by winemakers & scientists

    Blurred Vines offers a new ritual for drinking and socialising beyond alcohol. We focus on what we put in rather than what we take out.

  • Plant Based

    Vegan, gluten free and full of ethically sourced active plants. Using British fruits and ferments. Blended and bottled in the UK.

The magic inside

  • Exceptionally rare teas + herbs

    Sourced from ethical growers around the world, cold brewed to gently extract delicately nuanced flavour & aroma.

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  • Adaptogens, vitamins + amino acids

    Active ingredients to sharpen the mind + body. Pleasure and functional benefits in every bottle with active botanicals, and a complex of amino acids and vitamins.

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  • Fruits + ferments

    Wine aromatics without the alcohol. British fruits crushed and used without concentration to preserve the freshness of the fruits true flavour.

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Exceptionally rare teas + herbs

Using teas from the Rare Tea Co. for the highest levels of flavour and sustainability. Run by the 'Queen of tea', Henrietta Lovell, trading directly with growers of the finest, most sustainable and most ethical tea around the world. No middlemen, no brokers, no pesticides and absolutely no exploitation.

Leaves: Manuka leaf, African verbena

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Adaptogens, vitamins + amino acids

Adaptogenic plants and a complex of amino acids, vitamin D, and B-vitamins provide essential building blocks to bring the brain to full power. A cleanse and boost for the mind.

Amino acids
• L-theanine
• L-histidine

• B3
• B6
• B7
• B12
• vitamin D

Adaptogenic plants
• Californian poppy
• clary sage

• potassium
• magnesium

Fruits + ferments

By working with fermentation expert Dr. Johnny Drain, and London-based winery London Cru, we developed an innovative, intensively aromatic wine from apricots and unusual yeasts - providing a big flavour backbone to Blurred Vines, without the alcohol. 

Fruit: Green gooseberry, apricot, white grape
Ferments: Koji

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How we stack up

Three Spirit Alcohol
Taste + Mouthfeel
Active plants, adaptogens + nootropics
Hangover free

A choice where there was none

“Blurred Vines is for anybody that wants to treat themselves to something sophisticated and special. For someone that wants to appreciate what is in the bottle and take a moment to savour great flavours and desirable functional effects. The drinks are designed to accompany celebration and food.”

Dash Lilley

Co-Founder & Head Alchemist

Introducing Blurred Vines

We are excited to share with you Spark and Sharp, our alt-wines, and labours of love. Welcome to The Third Way.

  • “our aim is simple; to source and supply the world's best loose leaf tea”

  • “to create something as faithful to the experience of wine, we knew fermentation had to be in the mix”

  • “drinks that you want to go back to over and over again.”

Best served chilled

Choose your mood + moment

  • Sharp

    Revitalising • Mineral • Bright

    Crisp and elegant. Racy acidity, soft tannins, and steely minerality get your mouth watering, as cold brewed herbs leave a verdant, citrus note to finish.

    California poppy and clary sage remedy the mind-stalling impacts of stress and anxiety. A complex of amino acids, vitamin D and B-vitamins provide essential building blocks to bring your brain to full power. Minerals from coconut water ensure full hydration for optimum alertness. A cleanse and boost for the mind.

    Sip, savour and sharpen up.

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