Three Spirit Collection (3 x 50cl)

Three Spirit Collection (3 x 50cl)

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Three Spirit drinks are designed to enhance your night from start to finish.
Our non-alcoholic drinks combine plants used for centuries in ceremonies and potions to stimulate the palate, mind and body - before, during and after the party. 

Livener – This perfect pick-me-up & party primer is powered by guayusa, schisandra and energising plants. Enlivened by vibrant berries, bright aromatics and heat for a euphoric feeling. Best served with tonic or in a spritz. (contains natural caffeine)

Social Elixir – Enhance moods and encourage connection with lion’s mane mushroom, yerba mate and damiana. Full-bodied, bittersweet with a curious savoury bite for natural, blissful feeling. Best served with ginger ale or in an espresso martini. 

Nightcap - Relax and unwind with aromatic plants, bright spices and tree saps. Lemon balm, valerian and hops entwine with complex notes of oak and vanilla for a calm, dreamy feeling. Best served on the rocks or with a dash of bitters for an Old Fashioned style cocktail. 
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