Three ways to bring that big quarantine energy.

Three ways to bring that big quarantine energy.

By Silje Wamnes

Feeling lazy, unproductive and slumping by mid-afternoon? Visiting the fridge just to pass the time? Then maybe your quarantine routine needs a Three Spirit shake-up. 

Whilst cutting our commute gives us a decent chunk of our day back, gone is the morning ritual of getting dressed and greeting the world; which for many is an essential part of reaching our best and most energetic self. With the world currently hitting the snooze button until further notice, here are three easy ways to boost your energy at home. 

1. Get your blood flowing and feel the wind on your face.

It’s what our grandparents have been saying for years, and we’re now making sure to say it again. Getting in some daily movement gets the heart pumping and the blood flowing which does wonders for body and mind. 

Whilst some of you might be up and at ‘em with Joe Wicks, or following someone’s Tik Tok routine, you can’t beat some screen-free time. Our prescription is for a 15-30 minute brisk walk or jog each day. Just add a dose of daylight and touch of fresh air, and you’ve got yourself a free energy shot! Did you know that studies of bright light therapy show that 15-30 minutes of exposure to daylight is enough to lift your mood and improve your concentration? Plus it's free - so no excuses. 

If you’re are not able to get out then create some movement indoors; check out our yoga tips or check out these daily climbing challenges. Make sure you spend 15-30 minutes on a terrace or by a bright window each day. 

2. If it wasn’t already - caffeine is your NBF.

A cup of Joe, java, rocket fuel, daily grind, jitter juice… coffee you say? 

A favourite amongst many... but did you know that coffee is not the only source of this wonder drug? When consumed strategically, caffeine can be a great tool to boost your energy and get you feeling on top of the world, but it does require a little bit of caution. Here are some key points to keep in mind before heading on your next rocket ride:

Find your sweet spot. We all differ greatly in our sensitivity to caffeine and it comes in many different forms. Finding what works best for you might take some trial and error, but a good rule of thumb - to avoid any unpleasant side effects - would be to consume no more than three or four caffeinated drinks per day.

Try out new plants. Whilst coffee is the obvious source, it is also an acquired taste and can leave some with stomach aches or jitters. Luckily, there are other healthy options available to get your fix such as tea, matcha, dark chocolate and of course Three Spirit’s Livener. 

Guayusa, WTF? The caffeine in our Livener elixir comes from a holly plant called Guayusa which we source sustainably from co-operatives in the Ecuadorian Amazon who are contributing to the reforestation of the rainforest. Win-win! 

L'theanine, WTF? Both the Livener and certain teas contain an amino acid called L-theanine which is known to amplify alpha brain waves, allowing for a type of calm alertness. L-theanine combined with caffeine can help you experience heightened focus, awareness, and energy, as well as reduced stress and improved mental endurance. In other words, it’s a recipe for a blissful caffeine boost! 

3. Gamify life or even better make it a competition. 

For most of us, energy is best sustained in short bursts. If you were told to run as fast as you can for two minutes you would probably run a lot faster than if you were asked to run as fast as you can for an unspecified amount of time. This is one way to make your day more fun but also to trick yourself into feeling more energetic as well. 

How quickly can you get up and get dressed? How many emails can you write in one hour? How fast can you clean the kitchen? Can you beat your own personal record? It certainly works for kids, and whilst it might feel silly, sectioning your everyday life into smaller ‘bite size’ missions can help you channel your energy.

Unless you are lacking in fundamental needs like proper nutrition and sufficient sleep, energy is very much a mind game and largely depends on your perspective and expectations. Excitement = energy, so get excited about life! 

Even the most mundane parts of it - we’ve not got lots to work with right now so we have to pivot, adapt and if that means doing the laundry for one minute not give, then we’re fully in!

Some honourable mentions for that extra boost; 

- Get your body lubricated by drinking plenty of water.
- Never underestimate the power of a good tune - check out the banging Livener playlist.
- Energise yourself by connecting with friends and family who bring you joy.
- For the bravest amongst us, try a 30-second cold shower! 

These tips should be seen as extra boosts to be used on top of your basic needs to sustain your energy. A healthy and nutritious diet and enough sleep - ideally 7-9 hours per night - is an essential starting point for you to feel great throughout the day. 

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