Scientific research at Three Spirit

Scientific research at Three Spirit

At Three Spirit we strive for innovation, quality, and excellence in all that we do. When it comes to making our products, scientific research enables us to identify the best ingredients, isolate the most important active compounds and check for quality and efficacy in plant material and formulation.
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By working with the scientific community and academia we are able to push boundaries and gain learnings that can then feed back into education and ever improving sourcing, extraction and formulation methods, ensuring that our products and information is always as good as it can be.

Our ingredients

We are focused on maximising the functional potency of our drinks, carefully extracting the active compounds from the highest grade, ethically sourced plants we can get our hands on.

Our processes are complex, delicate and take time - maceration, fermentation, distillation, reverse osmosis, freeze-drying, ultrasonic extraction - you name it, we’re pioneering it.

With over 60 plant based ingredients in our drinkswe are always looking at ways to learn more about functions and potential of the ingredients we use. We work with UCL, and the University of Surrey, to choose the best plants and extracts to use in our drinks now, and in the future. We also work with the schools to design and execute independent research projects into the efficacy of our products and some of our key ingredients. This we hope will provide novel research that can benefit the wider industry, as well as helping us improve our products, supply chain, and extraction processes. 

Our latest studies

We work alongside some of the UK's top universities and our first peer reviewed paper on the potential benefits of myrcene, found in Hüll Melon hops in our Nightcap, was published in Frontiers in Nutrition.

Our latest study looks at the potential effects of lion's mane mushroom on mood and cognition. We are dedicated to embarking on similar such studies into our  ingredients and their efficacy. 

Help us shape the future of drinking

If you are keen to become a participant in one of our future studies you can register your interest and we will contact you if you are selected.


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