Our 10 commandments

Our 10 commandments

Three Spirit contains powerful plants with powerful functions, but it isn’t a magic wand. If you want to party like a plant pro then follow our 10 commandments and thou shalt feel good…
1. Bring people to the party!

    Three Spirit is best served with the people you love. So, pick your people, stick on some tunes and whip up some delicious plant-powered cocktails.

    2. Pick your poison. 

    A fiery pick-me-up? A dark, curious companion? A soothing, slow sipper? We’ve got you covered from start to finish.

    3. Prep like a pro.

    Stock up on some essentials, soda, ginger ale, tonic and bitters. Or get out your cocktail shaker if you want to show off. Check out our recipes for some inspo.

    4. Ice, ice, baby.

    Our drinks are best served cold so you’ll need some ice. Every party needs ice right?

    5. The magic number.

    Some people feel good with one 50ml dose, we feel it best at three. Perhaps you’ll feel more connected, chattier, super-chilled or a little more up for whatever comes your way.

    6. Stir it up.

    Unfiltered for function and flavour, shake the bottle to awaken the plants.

    7. Tune in.

    Stick on our Three Spirit Spotify playlists - there’s something for everyone. Pre-game for a big night out with the Livener playlist. Get your freak on with the curious vibes of the Social Elixir playlist. Unwind with the soothing sound of the Nightcap playlist.

    8. Unplug. 

    Where you’re going, you won’t need your phone. So when you’re done tagging us on TikTok (@threespirit) or Instagram (@threespiritdrinks) then put that phone away.

    9. Sharing is caring.

    Share the love, share your drinks, share your referral code with your friends.

    10. Report back. 

    Don’t be shy! Send postcards, send texts, or slide into our DMs whenever you like.

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