Sober curious? Here are the places you NEED to check out: London & the South

Sober curious? Here are the places you NEED to check out: London & the South

Three Spirit, the non-alcoholic brand still bringing the social vibes, is stocked all over the UK. But if you're looking for some excitement this Sober October in London, Brighton or Bath here are the places you need to check out.

Forget the standard club soda or staying in, these restaurants and bars are serving delicious food, great atmosphere and fabulous cocktails.

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Torstig Bar

In Denmark, Tørstig means thirsty. This is Brighton's first low alcohol bar and bottle shop, hosting a carefully curated selection of the finest low and non-alcoholic drinks from all over the world. You'll find friendly vibes, mixer events and nothing above 0.5% ABV at Tørstigbar.



Hide Below

A cocktail bar below the upmarket Hide restaurant in the heart of Mayfair, this one is for the bougie evening out. The menu changes seasonally so the freshest flavours are available for both the classics and those with a curious twist.

Som Saa

This restaurant and bar is serving old style Thai food in East London. A great one for vegetarians and vegans too! 

Club Soda

Club Soda is a whole community across the US and UK; from podcasts to tasting rooms to articles. Check out our interview with Noah Villenue, Head of Creative Development for Club Soda on the bigger picture, but you'll find the place is cosy, welcoming and with high quality drinks.

Ramo Ramen

With venues in Kentish Town and Soho, this Filipino-infused Japanese ramen house is obsessed with the complexity of staple food from Japan and combining it with our favourite dishes from the Philippines. No frills and no boundaries - just good noodles with a new dimension. Plus they have a beautiful Soft Cocktail menu.


Dos Dedos

Tequila, mezcal and tacos. What more could you want? For Three Spirit fans or the generally sober curious, Dos Dedos will be doing a personalised menu for Sober October around their mocktail menu. Peeling paint, upcycled wood and walls lined with tequila provide a dangerously relaxed backdrop to discover a world of new tastes, traditions and old school classics.

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