5 tips you need for Sober October 2023

5 tips you need for Sober October 2023

Whether you're on a mission to triumph through the month 100% sober, or you're thinking of dabbling and just cutting back on a few, Sober October is growing in popularity. Whatever your reasons (or goal), here are five tips you have to read!

1. Invite friends or family to support or even join in with you

    Tell people you are doing Sober October. Ask for encouragement or check-ins from those you love - and if it feels right, invite them to do it with you! It might feel embarrassing to do so, especially if you do slip up, but trust that it's not going to be as big a deal to them as you may feel it inside. You could even make a light forfeit for someone who slips up such as having to buy dinner or buy the next mocktail round next time you see each other.

    2. If you trip up and drink booze - Don't give up 

    Restriction can lead to rebellion, that's human psyche 101. You might find it harder to resist than usual and as a result, one night (or even more) you may have a drink. Don't be too hard on yourself or feel that the month's achievement has been wasted. Sober October is about making conscious decisions to shift your habits to something different, not lose out. Try to think that instead of having to give up drink for the month, you get to give up drink for the month. Most of Three Spirit's fans are sober curious and not 100% sober; for many people going teetotal isn't the goal. So try to think of it as a month where you're more actively conscious of your drinking, rather than being a cut and dry 'failure' if you pick up a glass of wine.

    3. Focus on sleep

    "This is the month where I work on my sleep" might be an easier thing to get your head rather than around than "I've given up something I like." It's no secret that alcohol disrupts sleep, just check out this blog debunking the myth of the alcoholic nightcap. We pretty much know all the boring but necessary sleep tips:
    Stay off your phone an hour before bed 
    I promise you there is plenty to do: read a book instead while sipping on a Nightcap alternative, have sex, journal, meditate, wind down with yoga, have a bath, make a skin care routine. Maybe not all at the same time.
    Choose a consistent bedtime
    My top tip here is to be realistic than hopeful. Are you usually in bed at 12.30am? Then make that your bedtime. You can always work on an earlier bedtime as you get further into the month, but just choose consistency for now.

    4. Fill your diary with things that don't need alcohol

    The world is your oyster! But don't feel like you need to be too ambitious. Here are some ideas to get you started:
    Evening weekdays
    Get a 1000 piece puzzle (you can buy heaps of second hand ones from charity shops) and stock up on your favourite podcasts. It's more active than passively doom scrolling or binge watching TV in the evenings.
    Trying new physical activities that aren't the gym. Find first class discount deals to try things like aerial yoga, kickboxing, salsa dance, you name it! You might just find yourself falling in love with a new hobby.
    Daytime weekends
    Focusing on daytime activities on your weekends will naturally shift the expected inclusion of alcohol. Art exhibitions, market stalls, hikes, day concerts. I'm spending a day with a friend to work solely on our Halloween party outfits, it's fun, socially connecting - and we definitely need our wits about us when using a sewing needle so no room for alcohol there! Plus we're saving money on overpriced costumes.
    Finding a new recipe online every week to try at weekends. From shakshuka to carrot cake, we guarantee the challenge will be rewarding (and hopefully delicious).
    Evening weekends
    Movie night in with homemade popcorn, indulging in a long sex session with your partner, or even being 'boring' and rearranging and recycling the clutter in your house. If the focus of your weekends are the day, you may find winding down at home is the perfect way to end your booze-free day.

    5. Change your drink - not your habits

    Let's face it, humans are all about pleasure. Drinking rituals have existed in our society for thousands of years. There will always be a part of our brains seeking a way to connect. Three Spirit was created with connection in mind. Connection to others with our Social, connection to our bodies with Livener, and connection to drifting off with Nightcap. Having a couple of non-alcoholic drinks in the afternoon or evening can be a great placebo effect for the average sober curious person. But what could be better than a placebo? A drink that still offers an active function - without any of the negative effects of alcohol. If you've come this far then you'll already know what Three Spirit are about. This is a third way of enjoying Sober October between drinking and not drinking. You can find out more about which drink is for you by exploring our shop.


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