5 reasons to try the new alt wines from Three Spirit 

While the number of non-alc spirits and beers continues to grow, good wine alternatives are seemingly hard to come by. Stripping the alcohol from wine loses much of the flavour, which is often replaced with sugar and let's face it, grape juice isn’t all that exciting once you remove all that magic! 

Blurred Vines, a nod to wine but like everything Three Spirit do this alt-wine is very, very different. Built from the ground up, these are delicate, nuanced and structured to savour by themselves or alongside food.

It's created by winemakers + plant scientists

It's imbued with the knowledge of wine, spirit, tea and flavour experts in every drop - each ingredient has been carefully sourced and handled to bring out the best of it. Each bottle is packed full of satisfying texture and flavour to provide a truly satisfying drink.

Functional benefits

Each expression is designed for the specific needs of different occasions. With functional plant extracts in every bottle, not only do they taste great but they contain active compounds that will shift your mood in the desired direction. Reach for Spark to pick you up, Sharp to rejuvenate you and Slow to help you relax.

It works

A recent survey with our customers, 95% of correspondents said that Nightcap helped them to relax and 64% agreed it helps them fall asleep easier. You can also find amazing reviews in The Strategist, the Daily Mail voted it 5/5 + we have over 3000 5 star reviews.

Ethically sourced ingredients

Every glass you drink provides education to tea farming families in Malawi - by working with Rare Tea Company some of the money spent goes directly to the Rare Charity who fund education in Malawi. Every tea we source is carefully considered for the impact it has on the producers and our fruit is sourced from sustainable agriculture practices in the UK.

Low sugar + low cal

Blurred Vines has less sugar than most prosecco and some champagnes, less calories than tonic water and way less than wine. We rely on exceptional ingredients, laborious processes and great texture to provide lots of flavour, instead of sugar and sweeteners.

Simple to drink

Simply put some ice in a glass, and add a measure of Nightcap. Whilst you can mix it in cocktails, it tastes delicious on its own. No fuss or cocktail skills required.

A conversation starter! 

Great tasting non-alcoholic wine substitutes are hard to come by. Whip this out at your next gathering of friends and watch their surprise and delight when it tastes great, feels great AND is ethically great. 

Customer reviews

4.9/5 Stars

“Perfect alternative to alcoholic wines”

Excellent taste and quality, amazing alternative to alcoholic wines. Has a similar mouthfeel to alcoholic wine without the drawbacks!


“Tasted amazing and gave me a nice buzz!”

The taste is great, quite complex in my opinion, fruity and with a tang it also has a kick of heat at the end. Lovely and really drinkable. The physical sensations I had during/after drinking it were a real surprise, I became quite chatty and felt pepped up, quite energised yet at the same time chilled! 


“Simply delicious”

I ordered this for Christmas and it was amazing. Full of lovely flavours and totally delicious. This was my second sober Christmas and this drink was a perfect AF alternative. Thank you.


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4.5/5 Stars

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Try Three Spirit's new alt wines, made with functional plants, vanishingly rare teas and fermented fruits. Non-alcoholic, designed with wine in mind.