Social Summer Cup

Social Summer Cup

It’s Pimms o’clock! This pimped-up, plant-based Summer Cup will boost mood and get you talking. Summer fruits, a splash of lemonade and our dark herbal Social Elixir for something that is both familiar and curious.
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Serves 1
  oz ml parts
Three Spirit Social Elixir 2 50 1
2 teaspoons of fresh lemon juice
Top with lemonade or citrus soda (i.e. Sprite) 3


Add the Social Elixir and fresh lemon juice to an ice-filled glass, top with choice of citrus soda and garnish with fruits of your choice! Berries, orange, cucumber and mint, it all goes. Stir the garnish through the drink. 

The Social Summer Cup is great for sharing, so scale the recipe up for a party-perfect pitcher!

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