Social Strawberry Mai Tai

Social Strawberry Mai Tai

Slow down, lift spirits and bring the island vibes with this recipe from @uncommoncocktails. Nutty orgeat and bright citrus balances the moody, funky profile of Social Elixir for a complex take on the tropical classic.
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Serves 1
  ml oz
Social Elixir 50 1.5
Orgeat 15 0.5
Fresh orange juice 15 0.5
Fresh lime juice 15 0.5
1 or 2 large strawberries (hulled and quartered)
Garnish: Fresh mint sprig and dried pineapple slice


Add the strawberries to your shaking tin.

Measure Three Spirit Social Elixir, orgeat, orange and lime juice into the tin.

Add ice, shake, and double strain into a glass.

Garnish and enjoy!

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