Mushroom Palmer

Mushroom Palmer

Our take, on the grandpappy of a classic: the Arnold Palmer. We've switched out the iced tea for the body-boosting Chaga Life tea, and given it a plant-powered lift with our Three Spirit Social Elixir. Lush jungle notes meet fresh citrus and the delicious umami of medicinal mushrooms from around the world.
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Serves 1
  ml oz
Social Elixir 50 2
Lemon juice 25 1
Cold chaga tea 100 4
Mushroom chocolate powder
Lemon wheel


Wet the rim of a large glass with a wedge of lemon and coat the wet rim with some mushroom chocolate powder.

Fill the glass with ice, lots of ice!

Add the Three Spirit Social Elixir, chaga tea and lemon juice.

Top with soda water, or good lemonade if you have a sweet tooth - and give the drink a quick stir.

Spritz the oil from a sliver of lemon over the top of the drink and garnish with a lemon wheel.

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