Hibiscus Margarita Punch

Hibiscus Margarita Punch

Cinco de Mayo calls for a pitcher of Livener Hibiscus Margaritas. This Margarita Punch is fruity, refreshing and perfect for celebrating. A crowd pleaser that's easy to make and can be prepared ahead of time. 
livener recipe


Serves 4
  ml oz
Livener  200 8
Fresh lime juice 60 2
Cinnamon & hibiscus tea* 400 16
Agave syrup 80 2.5
Four orange wheels
Crystal salt or Tajin


Add as much ice to your pitcher as it can handle! Pour over Three Spirit Livener along with all the other ingredients, add the orange wheels and stir with a long bar spoon to combine.

Pre-rim rocks glasses with salt or Tajin, garnish with an orange wheel, and fill with ice before pouring your Hibiscus Margarita. 

Top tip: Party planning? This recipe can be made ahead of time. Just combine the main ingredients in the pitcher without ice or orange and store in the fridge. When needed, remove from fridge, add ice and orange and you're good to go!

To make cinnamon & hibiscus tea:

  • 5g / 2 teaspoons of dried hibiscus
  • 1/2 a cinnamon quill
  • 500ml / 17fl oz of boiling water

Add all ingredients to a jug, leave to infuse for 10 minutes or cool enough to handle, and strain through a tea strainer.

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