Plants for pleasure

Plants for pleasure

Enhance connections and keep the oxytocin hits coming with this dark herbal elixir. Social Elixir was designed to be the ultimate social companion and mood elevator, harnessing the power of these mood making plants known to elevate, stimulate and reduce inhibitions.
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Mood-making magic

Physical connections keep us happy, helping boost oxytocin levels to keep the powerful ‘love hormone’ flowing.

Released through positive touch, oxytocin is an emotion amplifier, and its levels increase when we make physical connections from simple things like a touch on the arm, to hugs and sex.

Packed with mood making plants to elevate and stimulate, Three Spirit's Social Elixir was designed to enhance connections and reduce inhibitions by harnessing the power of these three mood-making ingredients.

What's inside?

The euphoric heart opener

Cacao raises spirits, eases the soul and encourages connections. Full-bodied and bittersweet with a curious savoury bite, it’s balancing effect keeps you blissful and tuned-in.

The heart opening magic ingredient in chocolate that makes you feel good, cacao stimulates the mind and elevates mood. Used therapeutically for thousands of years in sharing circles, breath work and celebratory dance.⁠


Ancient Mexican aphrodisiac

Damiana has been used for centuries by people aiming to access their subconscious and induce lucid dreams.


Floaty, flirty, with a deliciously unique aromatic flavour, this sexy herb has been used for centuries in love potions and health tonics. Some say it can leave you feeling pretty goddamn frisky, you tell us...


The potent nootropic

Lion's Mane mushroom has been used for centuries for its nootropic properties and its delicate taste. Cultivated on sustainable beds, it keeps you focussed while you make new memories. 


This chilled out mushroom contains powerful compounds that promote cognitive function and mood, and increase energy levels.


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