Gift Guide: Sleep seekers

Gift Guide: Sleep seekers

Whether you're buying for an in-law you've met once or your husband of twenty years, who doesn't love a good night's sleep? We've collected a great range of sleep-related gift ideas that make a great gift for, well, anyone! But with a list ranging from high-end sleep masks to temperature making pods, this guide is best suited for the serious sleeper - or perhaps someone in your life who you think could benefit from a more restful REM.
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For the deep sleep seeker


We just can't resist starting with our very own bestseller. This indulgent elixir is made with tree saps, aromatic plants and ancient remedies used to relax and unwind. Check out our research paper on myrcene for a deep dive on its magic. Enjoy complex notes of wood and bright spice with a calm, dreamy feeling. 

Nightstand Bundle by Loftie

You want it? They got it. White noise, nature sounds and sleepy stories, soft light rising slowly like the sun. Colours to match your room’s vibe or mood. Breathwork, meditations, and sound baths. Buttons that are easy to find and always follow your commands. This is the definitive bundle.

Holiday Diffuser Blend Kit by Vitruvi

We may love the power of three but check out the festive four! A collection of four essential oil blends perfect for the holiday season and beyond. Featuring cozy Slow Dance, spicy Nightcap, warm Dusk, and cheerful Golden, these are the scents of merriment and togetherness.

Quiet Mind

This huggable weighted pillows provide instant calm and relaxation for any time you need to feel grounded. As someone who grew up with ADHD, Quiet Mind Founder Mikey Goldman found weighted blankets helped him settle down and focus. His all-natural, convenient, and personal was this first weighted pillow.


Acupressure Mat by Yogi Bare

This works by applying pressure to vital points and energy meridians on the body. Sounds painful? It can be, at first. Just try one minute and work from there. Some people report finding it so relaxing they FALL ASLEEP ON IT. This is a modern take on an ancient art of acupuncture, and relieves stress and tension.

Manta Sleep Mask

The most advanced sleep mask on the planet. Zero eye pressure. Zero. It's optimised for side sleep so you experience a true blackout no matter what your sleep position. 100% machine washable material yet incredibly soft and breathable.

Piglet in bed

Natural comforts of cotton and linen bedding. You can snuggle up with their relaxed, super soft linen duvet covers. Comfy whatever the season, Piglet's breathable European linen keeps you cool on warmer nights, and cosy if it’s chilly – perfect for the unpredictable spring weather too.

Eight Sleep Pod

The intelligent sleep system. The Pod automatically cools or warms your bed based on your body, environment and preferences for perfect sleep - every night. You can also choose your bedtime and wakeup time and the The Pod will adjust to prepare you for both.

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